Parental School Choice in North Carolina

For help with any school choice questions, the best resource is our parent liaison team. Send an email today or call us at (919)871-1084.



Private School Choice

North Carolina has two programs designed to provide access to private school choice for families in our state, including one specifically serving students with special needs.

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Traditional Public School Choice

Nearly 1.5M students are educated in over 2,400 traditional public schools in our state.

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Public Charter Schools Choice

With 189 public charter schools across our state, options are growing by the day.

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Exceptional Education for Exceptional Students

With a pair of state scholarships for students with special needs, North Carolina is helping families across our state find the exceptional education for their exceptional child. Click here for more information.

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Home School

In North Carolina, nearly 136,000 students are taught at home in around 87,000 registered home schools, according to the latest state numbers.

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