Special Needs Student Resources

Through the ESA+ program for students with special needs, North Carolina is helping families across our state find the exceptional education for their exceptional child. Click here for more information.

For help with any school choice questions, the best resource is our parent liaison team. Send an email today or call us at (919)871-1084.

Special needs school choice programs help families meet the unique educational challenges and gifts of their children who have disabilities. These publicly-funded programs enable students to attend the school that best addresses their particular needs while offsetting the burden of tuition for their families. Special needs school choice programs exist because public schools are unable to meet the individual needs of every student.

At least 14 states, including North Carolina, currently offer some form of school choice program for special needs students.  Learn more about North Carolina’s special needs school choice program, the Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant.

In 2017 the North Carolina General Assembly created a second state-sponsored special needs school choice program, the Special Needs Education Savings Account (ESA). PEFNC led the effort to advocate for this program. Learn more about Special Needs ESAs at exceptionalednc.org.