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Parental School Choice in Action: Behind the Scenes of Legislative Advocacy Day with Parents and School Leaders

Last week was a beautiful gathering of parents, school leaders, legislators, educators, and supporters of parental school choice. We came together for Legislative Advocacy Day to encourage the expansion of parental school choice through programs like North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program and the Personal Education Student Accounts (ESA+). 

PEFNC Nominees Heidy Gómez and Martha Zaldivar Accepted for the Hispanics in Education Leadership Program

American Federation for Children (AFC) is launching its initial Hispanic Leadership Program. This program continues the success AFC has had in the past with their Future Leaders Fellowship, School Leadership Fellowship, and other outreach efforts. AFC sought nominations for leaders who wanted to get involved in helping their communities gain access to educational opportunities through school choice.

Opportunity Scholarship Program Lawsuit Update

As you may know, the Opportunity Scholarship is facing a lawsuit brought on by the teacher's union. We want to provide an update on a motion recently filed to protect private schools from legal tactics of the teacher's union.

Defenders of the scholarship program filed an appeal to the Court of Appeals asking the court to rule about whether the teacher's union challenge is appropriate and what type of hearing it should receive.

OSP Poll


36% of respondents “strongly” favor the program

Raleigh (Wednesday, December 1)—Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in North Carolina’s General Election support the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), according to a new poll commissioned by Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC).

New state budget has big gains for school choice in North Carolina

We have exciting news to share! After a long legislative session, the General Assembly has approved a new budget and Gov. Roy Cooper signed it into law today. 

This budget significantly expands school choice across the state! Scholarship programs are extended to more families than ever before and the state will invest in the programs in historic ways.

Parent Testimonial: They are both successful and happy kids

"My children are adopted and have physical differences, such as bilateral facial cleft which we did surgery on, and ichthyosis, a skin condition that looks like fish scales. Village Christian Academy is a place they feel loved and accepted. They don't have to feel different or bullied as they did in public school. One child has a sensory integration disorder and needs more one-on-one attention. The other is nearly two grades ahead intellectually. They both are individually catered too and challenged at Village Christian Academy by their exceptional teachers. They are both successful and happy kids. Please help our school to remain academically strong and reward these teachers for their hard work." — Bonnie, Fayetteville NC

Parent Testimonial: We feel so blessed for her to receive an excellent education

"Our child started first grade this year on the Opportunity Scholarship Program at Asheboro Hybrid Academy. As parents, we feel so blessed for her to receive an excellent education in the midst of the uncertainty and unusual circumstances of this COVID-19 season of life. Our school has a hybrid model between in-person and homeschool instruction that works well with our family. Without an Opportunity Scholarship, we could not have afforded this kind of educational environment for our daughter. This scholarship gives our daughter a chance to excel and become all she can be." — Erin and JD, Asheboro

Parent Testimonial: The Opportunity Scholarship Program means so much to our small veteran family

“The Opportunity Scholarship Program means so much to our small veteran family. This benefit is going to families who have fought hard to remain employed through the pandemic and do pay most of their children's school tuition out of pocket. Receiving this award last year for the first time provided incredible relief to a very tight and stressful economic year. It was the extra assistance we needed to send our son to the school that had the highest qualified support for his emotional well-being as a military child. At the end of 2019, my husband left active duty service from the US Coast Guard after ten years so we could return home to Wilmington, North Carolina, to buy our first home and send our kindergartener to school, (after 5 inter-state moves in the previous two years). With all the unforeseen disasters of 2020, we had gotten under contract in February of 2020. The unfolding events made life stressful and difficult to put food on the table with the cutback of our working hours. This scholarship held our newly established life together and I am eternally grateful for it. I know it is doing the same for other families in our beautiful state.” — Alex and Emily, Wilmington

Parent Testimonial: In-person learning and a small classroom environment

“The Opportunity Scholarship Program has allowed my child to attend a private school that offered in-person learning and a small classroom environment. That meets my son’s needs academically and pushes him to be comfortable socially. The classroom setting was the difference maker that helped him excel academically. None of this would have been possible without the Opportunity Scholarship.” — Cynthia, Fayetteville

Parent Testimonial: Education that works best for him

“The Opportunity Scholarship Program has been a tremendous assistance over the last seven years in giving my 10th grade son the type of education that works best for him. He has benefited from the reduced classroom sizes, higher standards in academics, Christian foundation, and access to sports and fine arts curriculum. He never would have had access to these benefits without the scholarship.” — Delicia Hare, Rolesville NC