PEFNC Nominees Heidy Gómez and Martha Zaldivar Accepted for the Hispanics in Education Leadership Program

American Federation for Children (AFC) is launching its initial Hispanic Leadership Program. This program continues the success AFC has had in the past with their Future Leaders Fellowship, School Leadership Fellowship, and other outreach efforts. AFC sought nominations for leaders who wanted to get involved in helping their communities gain access to educational opportunities through school choice.

Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina nominated Heidy Gomez and Martha Zaldivar, who were both recently invited to participate. We are thrilled to have our nominees join this program and know they are more than qualified. 


Heidy Gómez

Heidy Gómez is a PEFNC Parent Liaison Team member, where she educates parents across the state about their educational options and assists them in accessing the state’s scholarship programs. She is successful because of her knowledge of the scholarship programs and because she is a scholarship recipient herself. Heidy leads all of our efforts to engage the Spanish-speaking community. She leads grassroots outreach efforts, including meeting parents in their churches, schools, and community groups.  



Martha Zaldivar

Martha Zaldivar serves as the founding Director of Admissions and Recruitment for Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School (CRRTHS) in Durham, NC, with a student body of sixty percent of Hispanic origin. Martha is a member of the executive leadership team that provides administrative leadership for the organization. She works closely with economically challenged families to provide them with a transformational college preparatory and career-ready experience.  

 We are confident that Heidy and Martha will be powerful and effective in this program as they have always been for school choice and their communities. The Hispanics in Education Leadership Program will launch in Las Vegas, Nevada, in early September.