Home School

In North Carolina, nearly 136,000 students are taught at home in around 87,000 registered home schools, according to the latest state numbers.

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Homeschooling offers families tremendous choice and flexibility in education, as it gives parents full control over how, what, when, and where their children learn. Roughly 2.5 million students are home-schooled across the nation, according to the National Home Education Research Institute, and homeschooling is a legal educational option in all states. In North Carolina, an estimated 149,000 students are taught at home in nearly 95,000 registered home schools, according to the latest state numbers.

Homeschooling became a legal educational option for North Carolina families in 1985, when the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in favor of Larry Delconte, a homeschooling parent. In 1988 the General Assembly passed legislation that defined the parameters and requirements of home schools.

In 2013 the General Assembly redefined home schools, providing parents with additional flexibility in their teaching. Parents are no longer obligated to teach core academic subjects themselves and instead may choose other sources of instruction, including online classes, tutors, outside enrichment classes targeting homeschoolers, or even home school co-ops.

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