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As the source for parental school choice in our state, PEFNC is often asked to provide commentary on educational choice.

Secular home-schooling grows in NC as more identify as non-religious schools

RALEIGH - The desire to educate their children about God is less of a reason for many North Carolina families to home-school their children instead of sending them to a public school.

Public money for private school scholarships is working, and will soon expand dramatically

Charlotte Observer

Thursday marks the anniversary of a major victory in the fight for educational freedom in North Carolina. Five years ago, the General Assembly established the Opportunity Scholarship Program, enabling low-income children to use state-funded scholarships to attend private school. This past school year, nearly 7,400 students statewide relied on Opportunity Scholarships to open doors of educational opportunity. Their ongoing freedom to do so is due in large part to educational pioneers like Charlotte’s Janet Nunn and her granddaughter, Nariah, who believed in the program even as it faced an uncertain future.

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