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Now, more than ever, we need each other. We are here to help you if we can!


Parents Know Best

During these times of uncertainty, parents across the nation are becoming more in tune with how their children learn best and perhaps learn differently than even their own siblings. They're looking differently at how education is delivered to our kids and seeing parental school choice -- the idea that parents should have access to the school of their choice, regardless of income or zip code -- as more personal than ever. At PEFNC, we continue to believe that parents know best what their children need educationally and that families and children in our state should have the freedom to choose the best educational setting to meet their children's needs.

Education-at-Home Resources

For many juggling a "new normal" at home, work, and school, PEFNC remains here to ensure families and parents have access to educational resources. As we continue to take precautions to protect the health of our kids, families, and neighborhoods, we wanted to share a few resources specifically to help parents with kids at home now due to school closures.

  • Epic: A digital lending library for kids under 12, with access to 35,000 books, learning videos, quizzes, and more.
  • PebbleGo: A research tool designed for K-12 students, based out of Charlotte.
  • Khan Academy: A free resource bank of online courses, lessons, and practice tools.
  • BigUniverse: A reading comprehension platform.
  • Duolingo: A free way for you and your child to learn a foreign language.
  • Mystery Science: Now offering a free membership, this is an online K-5 science curriculum.
  • The Smithsonian: An online hub of millions of digital resources from across the Smithsonian's museums, research centers, libraries, archives, and more.
  • Google Classroom: A parent's guide to using Google Classroom.

Schools of Choice are Serving During the Coronavirus Crisis

As our state and federal government continue to grapple with how to address coronavirus, our thoughts and prayers are with all of our school communities out there. And we're excited to report that so many of you are stepping up to serve your communities during the crisis. Here is one example at PAVE Charter in Raleigh. Check out this video:

What School Choice Could Look Like for You

PEFNC created a one-of-a-kind web application, NC Schools Around Me, that puts parental school choice options right at parents’ fingertips! NC Schools around me enables parents to explore their schooling options within a 10-mile radius for their home. Visit NC Schools Around Me and see for yourself today.

Additionally, we have pages on this website dedicated to information about schools of choice so you can see for yourself how they might be a good fit for your family.

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