Teachers and students rally for school choice

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A rally was held Wednesday at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington in honor of National School Choice Week.

Students and teachers from schools like Wilmington Preparatory Academy, Oasis NC, and Glow Academy got to enjoy student performances, listen to speakers, and even win prizes.


The event was put on by Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, a non-profit that advocates for parents to choose what school their child goes to.

President Mike Long says parents always know what’s best.

“We’re for education reform,” Long said. “So where schools have not done well or are failing, we want to step in and help them get better. Or, if they can’t get better, we want to provide opportunities for parents to decide where they can go to a school that best meets the educational or special needs of their children.”

Attendees also heard from DJ Svoboda who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age three and has since gone on to become a motivational speaker and creator of PBS show “My Imagiville.”