PEFNC Salutes State Scholarship Priorities from Legislative Leaders

A statement from PEFNC President Mike Long on proposed updates to state scholarship programs that help low-income households and families with students with special needs:

During these incredibility challenging times, amid an ongoing health pandemic through COVID-19 and major disruptions in education, it is refreshing to hear state leaders announce proposed legislation that would help more families in North Carolina obtain access to the schools of their choice.

Senator Deanna Ballard’s plan to expand eligibility for the Opportunity Scholarship Program, while eliminating the cap on Kindergarten and 1st grade students, will ensure that families in need in North Carolina can be empowered with educational choice for their children. Senator Ballard’s proposal will have an immediate impact on families in our state.

For too many years, far too many families with students with special needs have been on the outside looking in at a pair of scholarships designed to help their children. Expanding the appropriations for the Children with Disabilities Grant and Education Savings Accounts is overdue, but we salute Senator Joyce Krawiec for stepping up to the plate for our children. We are supportive of today’s announcements and we encourage our legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle in the General Assembly to move swiftly on these important updates for parents and students in our state.


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