PEFNC Celebrates Relief Package that Bolsters School Choice

Mike Long, President of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina released the following statement upon news about the $1B COVID-19 relief package enacted into law today, after passing both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

“This has been a very great week for North Carolina families, parents and students. We are grateful for the leadership in the General Assembly for working to ensure that education priorities were included in this critical relief package. Under the guidance of Speaker Tim Moore and Senator Phil Berger, and thanks to leaders like Senators Deanna Ballard and Joyce Krawiec, not only are our state’s public schools included in this package, but incredible advancements in school choice had a strong seat at the table – this is a win-win for all,” said Mike Long.

“For too many years, far too many families with students with special needs have been on the outside looking in at a pair of scholarships designed to help their children. Expanding the appropriations for the Children with Disabilities Grant and Education Savings Accounts is a great step forward for these families in our state. Also, thanks to Senator Deanna Ballard and her colleagues for the bold plan to expand eligibility for the Opportunity Scholarship Program, while eliminating the cap on Kindergarten and 1st grade students. This will ensure that families currently on a long waiting list to enter a school at these grade levels can be empowered to now exercise educational choices for their children,” added Long.

“Once again, North Carolina remains on the forefront of parental school choice by providing real action in educational opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, families are utilizing more accesses to schools and educational options that are the best fit for their children. Parents for Educational Freedom in NC will continue working hard during these unprecedented times for even more positive changes and educational reforms that benefit all citizens in the Tar Heel State!"