PEFNC Applauds Education Reform and Parental School Choice Expansion in Senate Budget

Mike Long, President of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, on the passage of the state Senate budget:

"After a banner day for education reform and parental school choice in North Carolina on Wednesday, today we celebrate, once again, as the state Senate has passed a budget that would expand educational choice in our state. North Carolina is a national leader on parental school choice, and seeing HB 823 pass only to be followed up by the senate budget today, both with bi-partisan support, our state is once again letting families know that we are here to fund students and not systems. I applaud the North Carolina General Assembly for spearheading this bold and needed expansion to parental school choice and I urge leaders in the state House and Senate to pass a budget that ensures these priorities reach families and students as soon as possible. Despite ongoing attempts from the teacher’s union and Governor Roy Cooper to halt education reform and parental school choice, the time is now to deliver a state budget that empowers more families by having their tax dollars in their child's backpack and allowing them to attend the school that best fits their needs."