Parent Liaison Team People




Charlonda Brown [email protected] 919-709-3109
Reneisha Black [email protected] 919-709-3112
Delicia Hare [email protected] 919-709-3108
Heidy Gomez *Speaks Spanish [email protected] 919-709-3114
Tonya Tolson [email protected] 919-709-3110
Valencia Ojeda: [email protected] 919-709-3115
Michelle Haynes [email protected] 919-706-0843
Dominique Lyn [email protected]  919-679-0232
Vanese Winborne [email protected] 919-629-3656
Shinequa James [email protected] 919-674-0515
Keisha Leonard [email protected] 919-760-6421
Lea McQueen [email protected]  919-424-9775
Alexandria Ratcliff [email protected] 919-424-6077
Tameka Hendon *Speaks Spanish [email protected] 919-295-4341
Jontel Worrell [email protected] 919-674-0516


Need additional information about the PLI? Please contact Kwan Graham, PEFNC’s Director of Community Engagement, at 919.760.7167 or [email protected] to learn more.