My Story: Isabel Cruz

The Opportunity Scholarship Program is having a positive influence on the lives of thousands of children across the state. I would know: My daughter is one of them.  

My fifth grade daughter has attended Christ Covenant School on an Opportunity Scholarship since the 2014-15 school year, so we have longstanding

and firsthand experience with this state-sponsored scholarship program. Prior to entering private school, my daughter had difficulty keeping up with the other kids in public school. She struggled in reading. After just one year in private school, she became a happy, confident child who loves to read. Now, after several years on the scholarship, my daughter is two grade levels ahead in all of her subjects—including reading. She absolutely loves school!

Her teachers at Christ Covenant School are patient and dedicated. They worked first to get my daughter up to grade level, and later, to help her surge ahead. Thank you, Opportunity Scholarship, for allowing my daughter to experience private education.  State lawmakers need to know that more families need this option.  

Isabel Cruz, Greenville, NC