As legislators debate massive expansion, a candid conversation about NC's school voucher program

By Jeff Tiberii, Rachel McCarthy

May 13, 2024

North Carolina’s private school voucher program began over a decade ago to offer low-income families an alternative to low-performing public schools. The Opportunity Scholarship program has expanded in recent years — now there is no income requirement to qualify and tens of thousands of moderate to higher-income applicants are waiting to hear if they'll get scholarships as well.

As a massive expansion to the program is debated and winds its way through the legislative process, we hear from a panel including education reporters, as well as advocates on both sides of the voucher debate. They explore the history of the program, who the proposed expansion will impact, and how quality and accountability standards are applied in the private school voucher program.


Liz Schlemmer, education reporter, WUNC

Ann Doss Helms, education reporter, WFAE

Brian Jodice, Executive Vice President, Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina

Lauren Fox, Senior Director of Policy and Research, Public School Forum of North Carolina